Monday, June 30, 2008

American Eagle Gold Coins

Rare American coins gold thickness.
American Eagle Gold Coins are popular gold bullion coins minted in the United States. The gold contained within the coins is legally required to come entirely from US sources. The American eagle was introduced in 1986, during a period when South African gold was banned from import to protest apartheid, and its popularity quickly soared as it met the high demand for gold under the boycott.

Mint gold eagle coins. Buying rare gold coins and US old gold coins.American Eagle Coins are available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz denominations, and are 22 carat gold (91.67% pure gold). The coin's denomination indicates the coin's gold content, with the additional metals being in addition to the weight of the gold. Unlike South African Kruggerands which contain a copper alloy, American Eagles contain a copper and silver alloy, giving them a lighter, yellower tone that the deep orange of Kruggerands. On one side of the coin is a depiction of Lady Liberty holding her torch. On the other side is an image of a male eagle flying above a female eagle and their offspring. The male eagle symbolizes the United States' great power and resolve to defend itself and its people, but in the male eagle's grasp we also see an olive branch, symbolizing America's quest for peace while maintaining its strength. The design of the various denominations is the same, aside from the listed gold content.

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American Eagle gold coins are marked with a face value. 1 oz coins are marked as $50 coins, 1/2 oz coins are marked as $25 coins, 1/4 oz coins are marked as $10 coins, and 1/10 oz coins are marked as $5 coins. But in reality these face values are symbolic values to reflect the coins status as legal tender. Their true value resembles the market value of their gold content, plus a certain premium. Indeed, an American Eagle US gold coin labelled $50 values around $900 at the moment!

American Eagles are some of the most popular gold coins in the world. Their beautiful design and powerful symbolism, as well as their classical gold hue, make American Eagles pleasing gold coins to own and display. And with their full weight and gold content being guaranteed and backed by the US mint, they also make a fine investment. Every serious gold coin collector owns an American Eagle!

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