Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Gold Panda" Chinese Gold Coins

12oz Chinese Gold Panda Coins for sale.First introduced by the Chinese mint in 1982, Chinese Gold Panda coins are extremely popular amongst collectors. Unlike most other gold coins, whose designs generally remain static for long periods of time, these Chinese gold coins' design is changed every year. Collectors who may have otherwise been content with one coin from any particular series are excited by the changing face of the Gold Panda and often buy a variety of different releases.

Beautifully crafted Chinese Gold Coins such as the Gold PandaThe obverse side of the Chinese Gold Panda coin depicts the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and remains the same from year to year. The reverse side changes yearly, with the 2008 edition showing a mother panda together with her cub.

Gold Chinese Panda coin jewelry for sale from Olympic mintLike most gold bullions coins, Chinese Gold Pandas are available in fractional sizes, specifically 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and even 1/20 oz. There is, however, a higher premium on fractional sizes, making them less popular than the 1 oz coins. Larger denominations are also sometimes issued, including 5 oz coins and even hefty 12 oz Chinese Gold Panda coins!

The Chinese Mint charges a higher premium on its gold bullion coins than most other mints do, making the Chinese Gold Panda somewhat less enticing for gold investors. However, the premium charged over the gold content's market value is still relatively small, certainly not great enough to deter coin collectors or even all investors.

The Chinese Gold Panda coin is official legal tender yet is guaranteed upon purchase to be uncirculated and in perfect condition. Any Chinese Gold Panda that you buy should therefore be in perfect mint condition with no wear or loss of luster. Although gold bullion is always saleable at the market value of its gold content, serious gold collectors will likely not be interested in buying your Chinese Gold Panda coin at its premium price unless it is in perfect mint condition.

Because of its excellent craftmanship and beautifully detailed design, the Chinese Gold Panda coin makes an exciting addition to any gold collection.

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